Data SNetObjects Fusion 2015cience, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can help investment management firms to solve vexing problems and create new investment opportunities by improving core processes. The textbook, AI and Data Science in Applied Security and Investment Management  (AISIM), was written to explore modern and quantitative approaches to security analysis and portfolio management. The core of AISIM teaches how to harness advanced techniques to improve investment decisions made in a growing universe of risky and volatile markets. Along with the WinORS computational software application, the quantitative methods presented in this book will help you acquire the management tools required for making sound investment decisions. We like to refer to the system as AISIM+. Emphasizing the foundational theory and underlying concepts and practical applications and implementation, AISIM+

Financial services firms are more concerned today than ever with achieving economies of scope and scale. Economies of scope focus on reducing the average total cost of providing high-quality analysis of a growing pool of international investment assets. Economies of scale focus on the cost advantage that arises when new technologies make it possible to reach a higher level of analytic production for more extensive dollar-valued investment portfolios. AISIM+ provides the platform for achieving these efficiencies.


AI and Data Science in Applied Security and Investment Management